Best Washing Machine In India (Fully Automatic Washing Machine)

Best Washing Machine In India (Fully Automatic Washing Machine)

Looking or seeking for the best fully automatic washing machines in India 2018 – 2019? If yes, you should read our given reviews so that you can come to final choice properly and quickly without taking much time.

In this website, we provide you the complete list of best rated washing machines in India that you can have a look at and get ideas for your final decision.

Using fully automatic machines can help you save lots of time and avoid bulk of unwanted repated activities, especiall, the laundry, washer and dryer, etc…Everything is run automatically with just a few simple clicks. Lots of wash programs are designed to help users to choose the right wash cycle for their laundry without taking much time.

The price for fully automatic washing machines in India can be range from 10,000 rupees to 80,000 rupees. The price depends on the brands, type, and capacity.

1> Best Washer Only / Portable Mini Washing Machines

Looking for purchasing best washing machines under 5,000 rupees? If yes, you should read the given reviews. If you have limited or small space, you should go with these washers because they can fit your needs.

These washing machines have basic wash functions like gentle and strong so that you can get your clothes washed easily with perfect results. Intex and Onida are the most popular brands that you can go after.

2> Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

If you are looking for best semi-automatic washing machines, you should read the given reviews. These washing machines can come at the range price between 7,000 rupees to 20,000 rupees. This type of washing machine requires users to transfer clothes to dryer tub because it is not fully automatic process.

This type of washing machine offers users with low maintenance cost and low power. This is suitable for family size since it has capacity of 6kg to 8 kg.

LG, Whirpool, and Samsung are the most popular brands that you can consider for semi-automatic washing machines at affordable prices and nice features.

3> Best Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine in India

Using Top Load Fully Automatic one, you don’t have to manually transfer your laundry. Everything is done automatically. The range price can be between 10,000 to 20,000 rupees.

It is obvious that these top fully automatic washing machines have more wash programs than those semi-automatic washing machines. Continuous water supply is necessary to keep these types of washing machines working well. The most popular brands are Haier, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and IFB.

4> Best Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

These washing machines can start from 20,000 rupees. This type of washing machine can work with soft and delicate clothes so it much more convenient than the other types of washing machines. The wash quality is improved since it has great wash programs. The damage of clothes is reduced during being washed. This type of washing machine also offers various wash programs for different type of fabric.

This type of front load washing machine consumes more electricity than the type of top load washing machine, but consumes less water than the top load one. You can go with some popular brands such as Bosch, LG, and IFB.

Best Front Loading Washing Machines Vs Top Loading Washing Machines

There are two types of automatic washing machines: Front Loading one and Top Loading one. In India, the front loading one is less popular than the top loading one. However, these days, users are seeking for front loading machines because the frond loading one has great advantages. Price can be various so choices are flexible for users to consider.

You can choose front loading one and top loading one. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Prices, features, functions, programs, maintenance cost, convenience, etc…The front loading washing machines require less water than the top loading washing machines.

When using the top loading washing machine, users can experience some advantages such as affordable price, space saving, convenience, and good vibration level.

On the other hand, when using the front loading washing machine, users can experience some great advantages. It offers good rotation which can speed up the drying time. The front loading one can handle delicate clothes well. In addition, it offers more washing programs so the wash quality of front loading one is better than the was quality of top loading one.

Besides, you can experience some minor drawbacks of this type such as power consumption (consume more electricity).

If you don’t have limited budget, you can go with the front load washing machine.

The Capacity

The capacity of washing machine can decide several important factors that you should pay attention to. These can be wash cycle, electricity consumption, lifespan of washing machine, maintenance cost, wash programs, cost-effectiveness, etc…

The load of clothes will decide the capacity of washing machine. 6.5kg is suitable for normal washing machine while bigger amount will go with great load washing machine. If your family has up to 6 members, you can go with the 8 kg while you can go with the 10 kg+ if your family has more than 6 members.

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